Ways to Ease Summer Tension

MassageBook offers up a cool infographic of ways to ease tension.

  1. You probably don’t need a meditation app, but somehow, spend time with this. Prayer, meditation, or just silence, this will help.
  2. Everyone I know who has done this has been glad they did! The body wasn’t meant to be in the same position for hours on end. Whether your work is sitting or standing, it is super important that you find a way to move around. Your body will thank you!
  3. There is a wide variety in styles of massage, and different types help in different ways. Don’t get stuck in the chain massage rub-down rut and think that’s what massage is, because massage is SO much more than that.
  4. For most people, stretching is a great way to get moving and keep moving! Some of us can “stretch” and never really feel it. If you’re one of those sorts (I am!), don’t push the stretch, but that doesn’t mean don’t stretch at all.
  5. There are some really useful acupressure points. I know a lot of people think Ancient Chinese Medicine is nonsense, but these things actually work. It’s just a different way of approaching the same information.
  6. Smart phones are great, but they’ve given us several new ways to injure ourselves, and these gadgets are changing the way our minds work and process information. Use the gadgets, but use them wisely and sparingly.

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