Got Anxiety?

Nah, everything’s cool…

Wait, everything’s not cool? What up?

*mumble* election *mumble* pandemic *mumble*

<—-Record scratch—->

Did you know that one of the best treatments for stress and anxiety is massage?

Did you know that massage can be as restorative as a good full night’s sleep?

So, instead of pretending things don’t feel chaotic, come get an anxiety treatment that doesn’t create addiction or dependence. Here at Athelas, your therapist and the resident doggy are the only members of the public you will encounter at your appointment, so you’re as safe from bugs* and campaigns as anyone can reasonably expect to be. Text, message, or click the book now button to set up your appointment.

*Note: Yes, we’re located in Corona. No, it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. Or the beer, for that matter. We didn’t name it; we just live here.