Athelas Online!

Athelas Therapy is excited to offer two new services!

While hands-on massage is not an option due to Covid-19, Web Based Wellness and Self Care Consulting is now available. Using a “treatment room” on, I have a HIPAA compliant space where I can meet with clients via video conference to discuss their muscular complaints and provide self care recommendations. does not require any download or installation. The client only needs internet access with a camera and microphone.

And since so many people are suddenly setting up home offices, and I happen to have a fair amount of training and several years experience in the area, I am also introducing Ergonomics Consulting. This is also an online service, to be conducted via, Zoom, or Skype, though I look forward to doing in-person assessments once quarantine is lifted. I am happy to provide proof of completion of OSHA compliance training in Ergonomics, upon request.

Both of these services are available by appointment (click the Book Now button anywhere on this site).

I know that many people are, or will soon be, hurting financially, so I am offering these services on a pay-what-you-can basis. You’ll see in my service menu an assigned value. If you are able, pay that assigned value. If you are strapped, pay what you can. If you would like to contribute so I can continue to offer this flex-rate option (my income has been completely disrupted, too!) click here.

I sincerely hope, along with all of you, that this season is over quickly, but for now, we must all do what we can. This is my bit.

Be well.

Burn Scar Therapy

On Saturday, nearly a week ago, I went back to my massage school campus. There was a continuing education course that I was very interested in that happened to be taking place there.

There were five of us students, the teacher, and an AMTA representative sitting in. The topic of the day was massage for burn survivors. We discussed the physical trauma of burns, the continued trauma of treatment, and the ongoing psychological ramifications that survivors face. We learned the types and physiology of scars and how to work on them (or not, in some cases).

The teacher of the course is a massage therapist and a burn survivor, so throughout the class, she volunteered her own scars for us to learn on. At the end of the day, three others came in for us to practice on, and also to get a good idea of the variety of experiences in the burn survivor community.

The day was honestly incredible. There were intense moments throughout, but it was a positive, enriching experience, and well worth the cost of attendance.

Participation in that day would almost have been sufficient on its own, but I am now qualified to do burn scar therapy in my massage practice. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the burn survivor community!