Primary Style Relaxation, Gliding strokes
Session Lengths 30 minutes* 60 minutes* 90 minutes* 120 minutes
Details at a Glance Unclothed* Lotion/Oil* Table*

Swedish Massage is the foundation for Western-style massage, and it is the type of massage that is most readily available in spas, massage clinics, and on cruises. Elements of every other modality can be integrated with Swedish, to varying degrees.

The main purpose of Swedish is relaxation. The bodywork consists of a variety of strokes that promote improved circulation. There is muscle engagement, but the work is primarily relatively superficial.

Swedish Massage is performed with the client lying on a table. Due to the use of lotions or oils, the client is not clothed, but is properly draped by a sheet and blanket at all times. The massage therapist uncovers only the area of the body being worked on at any given time, professionally arranging the sheet in order to preserve the dignity of the client.