Lymphatic Drainage

Primary Style Slow, repeated feather-light strokes
Session Lengths 30 minutes* 60 minutes*
Details at a Glance Clothed* Unclothed* Lotion/Oil* No lotion/oil* Table*

Lymphatic Drainage is a style of massage specifically designed to aid in injury recovery. The pressure is intentionally very light, about what you might feel if you put a nickel on your eyelid. (Though why anyone would do that is beyond me!)

When injury occurs, cells at the site of injury die. These cells can be skin, muscle, bone, blood, or any combination of these. The task of clearing this debris from the body belongs to the lymphatic system. This system moves very slowly, as a rule. Lymphatic Drainage facilitates the process and moves it along just a little faster.

The work of Lymphatic Drainage depends on the site of injury. Lymphatic work can begin immediately after the injury, while any other massage at the site should wait at least 72 hours, though this can vary depending on the injury. Neuromuscular Therapy can begin in areas indirectly affected after this waiting period.

Please provide all medical reports relevant to the injury.