Primary Style Tension release, Compression & point work
Session Lengths Integrated only*
Details at a Glance Clothed* Unclothed* Lotion/Oil* No lotion/oil* Table* Chair

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure uses the Chinese concept of meridians, or channels of energy, addressing specific points on these meridians in order to realign the body's Qi, (also spelled Chi).

Each meridian is associated with a particular organ, color, element, emotion, and season, and the points on the meridians are places where energy can be blocked. Acupressure seeks to release these blockages.

The Western mindset may assume that this is nonsense, but maps of Acupressure points and Trigger Points show a great deal of overlap. It turns out that the two concepts are simply two ways of explaining the same thing.

Acupressure is inherently part of Shiatsu and Thai Massage, and Athelas regularly integrates Acupressure into almost every massage we perform. We find it especially helpful in the treatment of headaches.