~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Athelas does not recommend
using TheraBands without
proper instruction. However,
if their use is indicated and
instruction is provided,
TheraBand is one of the
recommended ways to
regain strength while
recovering from injury.
Biofreeze is an excellent
option for cold therapy.
While it is available in
gel, spray, and roll-on,
for personal use, Athelas
recommends the
roll-on, for its ease of use.
Tennis balls are a good
part of any self-care
plan. They can be
rolled under foot,
or any other stiff
muscle. Because they
have a mid-range
firmness, they can soften
an area without causing
damage to the tissue.
The TheraPearl eye mask
is another cold therapy
tool. It can be especially
helpful in the case of


~*~ ~*~
~*~ The knobs of the Thera Cane
are each suited, in size
or angle, for Trigger Point work.
This particular model separates
into two pieces, making
it travel friendly.
~*~ Similar to the Thera Cane,
the Body Back Buddy has
specifically placed and sized
knobs for Trigger point work.
This model includes two pairs for
spinal work on the neck and
along the back.